MD Series

MD Series Tooling

Equivalent P/N #  
  30006-809-00088 Staking Tool
  369A1710-3101-2B T/R Feathering Bearing Install/Removal Tool
  369A5000-40101 Engine to Trans Alignment Tool
  369A9928-9/ST506 Lateral Rigging Fixture
  369A9930/ST503 ​Mixer Rigging Plate
  369A9829 M/R Mast Nut Wrench
  369A9936 Coll. Bungee
  369D29929-9/ST504 Longitudinal Rigging Fixture
  369H9928-101 Trim Tab Tool w/ Dial Indicator
  HA369-1/ 369-2 Drain Tools for MD500 MGB/ TRGB- 369A1710-3101
    Fan Bearing Regreasing Tool
    Fuel Cell Wrench
    Input Gear Shaft Backlash Tool
    M/R Damper Compression Test Fixture
    M/R Swashplate Regrease Tool
  369A7951-57 Pitch link BRG Cutter for BRG
    Output Gear Shaft Seal Install Thimble
    T/R Swashplate Bearing Regrease Tool w/ Plug
    Sprage Clutch Test Fixture
    Staking Tools and Cutters


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