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Aviation Tooling & Ground Support Equipment

Bell Maintenance / Overhaul Tools:

Bell Series

Equivalent P/N #  
407-210-002-101 Mast Nut Torque Fixture for Power-Dyne
206-215-001-101/ 206-215-002-101 B206 Tab Bender & Gauge Set
412-240-030-11 Sleeve Installation
T100220-1 Sling
T101402 Pitch Horn Supports - Grip Restraints
T101499 Mast Holding Fixture
T101510 Base Plate B206
T101512 Anchor Assy
T101507-5 Wrench Nut Input
T101529 Staking Tool
T101530 Staking Tool
T101547 Transmission Drag Pin Stake Tool
T101554 Socket
T101559 Grip Spacing Gauge B212
T101584 Support Link Roll Stake
T101735 Backlash Tool
T101740 T/R Rigging
T101597 / T101598 Tab Bender/Gauge B212
T101741-101 T/R Flapping Axis Centering Tool
T101873-15 Staking Tool - Ring for MS27647 -6 Bearing
T101880 Install & Press Tool
T101506 Sleeve
T101865 Flap Stop
T103316-101/ T103317-101 B407 Tab Bender & Gauge Set
B-205/212 M/R Head Lifting Fixture
SKSP1425-101 Driveshaft Install/ Removal Kit HA-KDS1425-101
910-003 B429 Drain Tool MGB-Short
910-0020 B429 Drain Tool TRGB
DB3188L B206 Drain Tool MGB
DB3225 B206 Drain Tool TRGB
H4713 B407 Drain Tool MGB
H4749 B407 Drain Tool TRGB
B205/212/412 Drain Tool 42/90GB
PT6T Drain Tool Gearbox
Anvil Staking Tool B407 - Vibration Damper
Bearing Cutters - for specific bearing
B212 Blade Bolt Removal Tool
B206, B212 Lifting Clevis
HA-206BAP B206 Blade Alignment Pin Set
HA-212BAP B212 Blade Alignment Pin Set
B206, B407 Oil Cooler Blower Balance Kit
B206, B407, B212/412 Blade Stand
B206 Excluder Workaid
B206 Grip Excluder Removal Tool - Retainer Dowel 62-14
B206 M/R Blade / Hub Lifting Fixture
B206, B212 Hub Stand
  Input Pinion Bearing Pressing Plug Workaid
  Oil Collector Pan - Alignment Pilot Workaid
B206 Oil Pump Wordaid #1 & 2
 B206 Pitch Horn Locks
B212 Pitch Horn Removal Workaid
 B206 Pitch Horn Spreader Workaid
 B206 Portable Staking Tool - w/ cutter for Swashplate -470 Bearing B206
 B206 Staking Tool Isolation Mount
 B206 Staking Tool for -509-003 Bearing
B205/212 Transmission Lifting Tool
B212 Transmission Stand
 B206 T/R Gearbox Mounting Workaid
 B206 T/R Trunnion Centering Shaft Workaid
 B206 TRGB Input Seal Inner Nut Wrench
 B206 Trunnion Bearing Inner Race Pressing Plate Workaid
B206 M/R Trunnion Centering Tool - B206 B/L
 B206 Wear Sleeve Installation Workaid B206 B/L
 B206 Workaids (various)


Equivalent P/N #  
B222/230 Main Rotor Static Balance Tool
B206 B/L Main Rotor Static Balance Tool
B204/205/212​ Main Rotor Static Balance Tool
B222/230/430​ Tail Rotor Static Balance Tool
B206 B/L Tail Rotor Static Balance Tool
B407 Knife Edge Balance Mandrel
B407/206L4 Tail Rotor Static Balance Tool
B205/212/412​ Tail Rotor Static Balance Tool


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Static Balance Tooling

Eliminate excess track/balance time and reduce maintenance cost.