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Equivalent P/N #  
  350A07-6550-0079 T/R Spider Kit – 4 Contac
350A93-3200-20 MGB Input Nut Wrench- Long Socket
350A93-3201-00 Extractor, Power Bushing
350A93-3202-00 Extractor Seal on MGB
350A93-3203-20 MGB/TRGB Fitting
350A93-3205-00 MGB Input Lock Wrench- Shaft Holding Fixture
350A93-3300-20 T/R Socket
  350A93-3302-01 T/R Hub Holding Fixture - Yoke Restraint-Large
350A93-3303-02 Extractor T/R H Body. Hub Puller
350A93-3305-00/20 T/R G/B Input Socket
350A93-3307-00 Extractor TGB seal Holder
350A93-3312 T/R Flapping Bearing
350A93-3316-20 T/R Spider Nut Socket
350A93-3317-20 Seal Fitting Tool
  350A93-3318-20 Bearing on TRH Extractor
  350A93-3400-00 Driveshaft Thimble
  350A93-3405-00 TRDS Bearing Replace Tool
  350A93-3500-00 Bearing Extraction Tool
350A93-3501-20 Driven Pulley Extraction Tool
350A93-3710-00 M/R Swashplate Bearing Tool
  350A93-3710-00 M/R Swashplate Bearing Tool
  350A93-3712-00 M/R Swashplate Bearing Tool
350A93-3713-00 M/R Swashplate Bearing Tool
  350A93-3717-00 Mast Bearing Tool
  350A93-3722-00 Mast Bearing Tool
  350A93-3800-20 Dog Bone Spanner
  350A93-3802-20 Dog Bone Spanner
  350A93-3802-21 Dog Bone Spanner
  350A93-3804-00 Dog Bone Wrench
  350A93-3806-00 Dog Bone Wrench
  350A93-5400-00 Engine Support Mount
  350A94-2700-00 Flight Control Rigging Tool -incl. 7 degree plate & pin
  350A94-2704-00 T/R Pedal Rigging Lock
  350A94-2706-00 Rigging Pin Kit
  350A94-2712-00 Dummy Rod for Autopilot
  350A94-3301-00 T/R Accelerator Support
  350A94-3700-00 Swashplate Locking Tool Kit
  350A94-3701-00 Seven Degree Rigging Plate
  355A94-3740-00 Six Degree Rigging Plate
  HA-350-DUN-P Rigging Pins for Dunlop Servos
350A94-5201 Fuel Filter Dummy Test Plug
  355A93-3240-00 Extracting Tool
  355A93-3241-20 Stalok Nut Wrench
  355A94-3740-00 Six Degree Rigging Plate
  703A94-1130-01 Deg. Tab Tool / Gauge
  703A95-0505-00 Drain Tool Tail Rotor Gearbox
  703A95-0508-00 Drain Tool Main Transmission M/R Xmsn -extended
  703A95-0520-0 Drain Tool Engine/Oil Tank/ Hydraulic
  C-622G1003101 Hoisting Sling
  E-C622G3001201 Wrench M/R Shaft Nut
  E-C622G3003101 Extractor MR Head
  E-C622G401101 Rigging Tools Lead Lag Damper
  E-C642G3003101 Puller T/R Torsion Star
  E-C670G4101102 Flight Control Rigging Kit
  HA-350PCL-F Pitch Change Link Run-out Check Tool
  HA-350BBHW Blade Bolt Holding Workaid
  T8812258000 Engine Sling
  T8812331000 Igniter Tool
  T8819571000 Borescope Guide
  T8819974000 Sling Arriel 1/2
  T8814163000 MO5 Tool
  T8819387000 Fitting
  T8819289000 Fitting
  T8812478000 Tool
  T8819570002 Tool
  T8816082000 Power Drive Wrench Set
  T8813734000 Tool
  0038P001F Arriel 1 Engine Stand - Field Stand
    Arriel 1 Engine Stand - Full Rotating w/ Gear Crank Lever
  AS350 MGB Support Stand
  AS350 HA-350 FMK Field Maintenance Kit (tailored to customer preference)
  LTCT5942 Wrench
  1X56137050 BK117 Drain Tool TRGB
  117-2001W3 BK117 Drain Tool MGB
  117-41601W1 BK117 T/R Balance Position Tool Set


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